Laurel Ballet - An education you can count on! Performances you can be proud of!
EQUINOX and GOLDEN BOOK - Saturday, June 9th at 2:00pm.

COMPANY:  1 volunteer

APPRENTICE:  1 volunteer

PRE-COMPANY:  1 volunteer

Please note:  That all performers from the Level 2's through the Level 1a's can watch part of performance from the balcony.  Backstage volunteers will stay with their group in the balcony.  If a parent wishes to sit with their child but does not want to volunteer to be a backstage helper, they must sit in the balcony.  They cannot take their child with them to their seats.

SHEEP & CORP in SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY:  2 volunteers

RAIN:  2-3 volunteers

FLOWERS:  3-4 volunteers

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