Laurel Ballet - An education you can count on! Performances you can be proud of!
Dress Code
Hair: Pulled back in a bun
Shoes:Ballet pink split-soled technique shoes with the elastic sewn strings trimmed and tucked. We recommend Freed, Capezio or Bloche shoes.
Pointe shoes must have instructors approval.
Jazz shoes with slight heel are recommended but not mandatory. *
Tights: Ballet pink, convertible
Leotards by level: Mirella Camesole
Level 1: Pink
Level 2: Buttercup
Level 3: Periwinkle
Level 4: Garnett
Level 5: Burgundy
These Leotards can be purchased through Dancer's Closet located at 253 E. Pittsburgh St. Greensburg, 724-832-1501.
White T-shirt, Black tights, Black split soled-technique shoes.
*Ballet slippers/class leotards should be purchased at Dancer's Closet.  Shoes from outlet stores are not appropriate for class.
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