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As a student (with LYBT) and Performer (with LBPC), I __________________ (performer) and _____________________(parent/guardian) fully understand and agree to the following stipulations necessary for participation as a performer with the Laurel Ballet Performing Company.

1. To attend the required number of classes per week for my class/performance level.  To be punctual and consistent with class and rehearsals and that excessive tardiness and/or absence will result in the loss or reduction in my performance role.
2. Should a conflict arise in regards to class or rehearsal, I will give the choreographer 24 hours' notice to request a schedule alteration.  I acknowledge that the request does not mean that an alteration will be possible and that said notice does not mean that an absence will not affect a reduction or loss of my role.
3. That I MUST attend all rehearsals 2 weeks prior to performance.  That said rehearsals are mandatory and that last minute rehearsals may be scheduled for which I am responsible to attend.
4. That all on-stage rehearsals are mandatory and I must attend the correct rehearsal for each of my roles regardless of whether they are scheduled at different times.
5. Casting, partner assignments and performance date assignments are at the discretion of the Artistic Director.  I understand that performing at the caliber and frequency uniquely provided by LBPC is a privilege and I will honor that by performing as scheduled.
6. If a conflict or special circumstance should arise, I will contact the Artistic Director and accept whatever accommodations can be made.
7. I will arrive at all "on call" times prepared to go on stage when called on the day of performance.
8. Costuming is at the full discretion of the Artistic Director and Costumer and I will wear what I am assigned to wear.  I will care for the costume while it is in my possession and understand that I must pay the replacement cost for the costume should it be damaged while under my care and for my use.
9. That my class costs, performance fees and misc. costs must be paid in order to perform. And that said costs and fees are non- refundable.
10.That I will be notified of any staff concerns, particularly but not limited to concerns regarding absences for class or rehearsal.  That this notification will come in writing and serve as a warning.  If I fail to address the concern to the satisfaction of the choreographer or Artistic Director, that my performing privilege will be altered or lost.
11.That I have read and agree to follow the performance rules that are posted on the web site:

By signing below, we (Performer and/or Parent/Guardian) agree to this contract:




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