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**Rehearsal schedules are sent out by email. It is your responsibility to be informed as to your rehearsal times. We cannot and will not contact you personally in any other way. It is further your responsibility to inform us if your email address is incorrect or has been changed. Please contact us via email if you cannot attend a scheduled rehearsal, keeping in mind there is a limited number of rehearsals you can miss before forfeiting your part.
***It is the responsibility of major soloists to keep a choreography notebook where you jot down notes on your choreography in order to help remember it. That will keep you from attending rehearsal having forgotten your choreography.
****The Laurel Ballet Performing Company (non-profit board) reserves the right to enforce one mandatory fundraiser per performance.
  1.  Enter & Exit through the stage door located on Pennsylvania Ave. Once rehearsal has begun, no one can enter or exit through this door. Enter through the Megan Suite door. After rehearsal, the stage door must be used again. If crossing the stage, please cross at the back of the stage against the brick wall. Stay off the dance floor as much as possible.
  2.  No Food or Drink in the theatre. Bottled water is permitted in the dressing rooms.
  3. You must be ready to go onstage at your assigned rehearsal time. You may have to wait for us; we cannot afford to wait for you. You cannot attend just any dress rehearsal, but must attend your scheduled on-stage rehearsal. You must attend the rehearsal for each performance you are in. Performers in levels 2 - 5 should arrive at the Theatre no later than 1 hour before performance.    Level 1 performers should arrive at least 40 minutes before performance.
  4.  Only one person may accompany performer to dressing room. Others must go directly into the theatre's seating area .
  5. During dress rehearsal only, damcers may go directly to the theatre's seating area and wait until it is your turn to rehearse. The dressing rooms are available during dress rehearsal for those performers who wish to use them
  6.   Unless you are a backstage volunteer, you must leave the dressing room area immediately after getting the performer settled.
  7.  During dress rehearsal - no one is permitted in the lobby or the upstairs seating area of the theatre. The audience must be quiet during rehearsals.
  8. No flash photography. Photos and videos may be taken during dress rehearsals only. A video of performance is available for purchase.
  9. A professional photographer is often supplied at dress rehearsals. When this is the case, they are set up in the upstairs portion of the theatre and the lobby steps can be used to reach the photographer-but no one is permitted to play on the steps or hang around the lobby area. This method of reaching the photographer is subject to change depending on what else the Palace has in the theatre at the time we are rehearsing.
  10. 10.  Backstage volunteers do not need to purchase a ticket for the performance in which they         are volunteering.   Backstage volunteers are taken on a first-volunteer basis.   You  will not  be  accepted if you volunteer after the required number of  volunteers is filled.
  11. 11.  Dressing rooms must be kept neat and clean. Please pick up after yourself and do not            leave garbage behind.
  12. 12.   No costume may leave the theatre without permission. You cannot wear your costume home from either dress rehearsal or performance regardless of when you will be returning to the theatre.
Performance Conduct & Rules
  1.  During performances, everyone must enter through the front doors.  Dancers and adult chaperones may enter through stage door.
  2.  No costume may leave the theatre without permission. You cannot wear your costume home from either dress rehearsal or performance regardless of when you will be returning to the theatre.
  3. No underwear should be worn under your costume. No jewelry. Principal dancers may wear studs.
  4. We recommend you wear a nude (or light colored class leotard) under your costume-- for modesty sake-- it is not a requirement. We cannot guarantee privacy while changing.
  5. Safety and bobby pins should be part of every dancer's performance bag. An extra pair of tights is also recommended.
  6. You must be quiet during dress rehearsals as well as during performances.
  7. Only major soloists receive their flowers on stage.
  8. After performance only level 1 & level 2 performers should be picked up by 1 (one) adult in the dressing room.  All other performers can be met either in the Megan Suite or outside the stage door.
  9. Videos may be taken at dress rehearsal only. No flash photos may be taken either during rehearsals or performance.  A professional video of performance is available to order.

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